I’m Sara Basaglia, I’m 25 and I’m a Master Degree student in Educational Science at the University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy. I have a Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences for Globalization at the University of Milan.
During my first degree, I participated in the Erasmus Plus Program in Spain (Universidad Pública de Navarra, Pamplona, Bachelor Degree in Applied Sociology) and I did my final work about a welfare community project in Caserta, near Naples, which consisted in the rehabilitation of marginalized people (mostly from the area of mental health) in a social cooperative situated in a land confiscated from organized crime.
I’m currently collaborating in a University project in Pioltello (near Milan) which focuses on intercultural themes and tries to experiment new policies for the integration of immigrant minors in the suburbs.


Born in Nùoro (Sardinia) in 1989, after the high school I attended the faculty of Philosophy at the University of Cagliari choosing the demo-ethno-anthropological curriculum as I wanted in some way to "discover the world”. Since 2010 I have started to study the "alterity at home", paying specific attention on sub-Saharans migrants from Senegal, who were living at the time in Sardinia. This topic became the main focus of my masters’ research and dissertation (discussed at the University of Milano-Bicocca in Ethno-Anthropological Sciences); during this period, I also had the opportunity to spend five months making field research in Senegal, being hosted by the families of the street vendors  I had met in Italy. 
After the University, I have been working for one year for a NGO that works with asylum seekers and refugees. This experience pushed me to run a Phd project to investigate in which way the cultural traits of the well-known Sardinian hospitality are changing in relation to the welcoming of migrants - and the official politics related to it – and in which way this hospitality is expressed when those to be welcomed are tourists.


My name is Elda Fejzo and I have finished my bachelor studies in Psychology in October 2018. During my high school as well as my undergraduate years, I have been actively involved with volunteer work. Being involved in such activities as well as being in contact with people of different cultures has enhanced my empathy and I approach diversity with enthusiasm and interest. Now I am currently working in a NGO called the Regional Center for Development and Cooperation which deals with sustainable regional development processes mainly on topics regarding tourism, cultural and historical heritage as well as human resources development. My knowledge on Organizational and Social Psychology have helped me on my first year as a Communication Expert and both have deepened my interest on Communication and the New Media. I am also interested in arts; drawing, painting and photography are some activities which I enjoy doing on my free time and help me relax.


I was born 34 years ago in Noci, a small town close to the “trulli’s land”, in the sunny and vibrant Apulia Region (that is Italy’s heel). I studied at the University of Perugia, where I earned a Bachelor degree in “Social Science applied at the intercultural communication” and MA degree in “international Relation”. Then, Apulian shores called me back and nowadays I work as an administrative employee in Bari. Since I was a Bachelor degree student, cultural and social anthropology matters gained my attention, and early became to me a sort of “passion”. In particular, as a student, I focused my attention on topics related to the internal emigration in Italy and to the Italian ethnic and linguistic minorities, such as the Arbereshe, an old Albanian minority settled in small communities in the internal area of southern Italy.
Last year I attended the specialization course in “Anthropology of migrations” at the university of Milan – Bicocca and there I experienced the Migrantour project in Milan, that gave me a new look on the city. I am interested in the process of identity construction of minorities and migrants and to the communities’ transformations due to the process of globalization.


I’m Beatrice Castagna, I’m 20 years old, I’m from Italy and I live in Milan. I’ve graduated at the “Liceo Classico Cesare Beccaria” in 2017, and I’m currently attending the second year of Sociology at the University of Milano-Bicocca. This September I will participate to the “Mobility and heritage in the Mediterranean” summer school in order to deepen a topical issue, improve my skills and learn how to cooperate with specialist of this area.


My name is Martina, I’m 23 years old and I’m from Italy. I live with my family in a village near Lake of Como. I attended a scientific high school in a small city called Lecco, but I decided to completely change my studies and now I’m attending the course of Sociology and Social Research in University of Milano Bicocca, in Milan. I decided to enroll this course because it’s a very interesting way to study our society and to compare it with other ones. After my graduation I’d like to attend a course of Antropology. After I finished the high school I left to England and I became an aupair. I lived in a small village near the city Bristol, and I lived in a family that has two beautiful children. I spent a year in England and I attended an English course in a college in Bristol.
In my free time I like to practise gymnastic and that’s why five years ago I became a teacher. Now I’m working in a gymnastic society and I teach gymnstic to children from 3 to 14 years old.


I have recently finished my BA degree in Intercultural Communication at the  University of Milano-Bicocca and in October I will start a master’s in Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences. I have always been fascinated by human diversity and I started traveling by myself at a very young age, trying to encounter and embrace foreign cultures.
During the last three years I have lived and worked in New Zealand, where I discovered a great passion for the languages and cultures of the Polynesian people. With my bachelor’s thesis I have tried to analyze the conditions of the māori language and the indigenous identity within the contemporary New Zealand society, and the several problems presented by the recent language revitalization policies. I really hope in the next few years to be able to continue studying and further researching these topics.


I am a Tunisian young activist, having my Bachelor degree in English and International Relations from the University of Tunis El Manar in 2018 and currently pursuing my MA degree in the same field of specialization. I have always had this interest in global affairs and policy making which was the reason behind me joining several governmental and non-governmental bodies as an intern, volunteer or staff member. My career started within international Non-Governmental Organizations such as the Junior Chamber International (JCI) and Amnesty International where I developed my soft skills to have access to the National Office of the Tunisian Tourism and the Parliamentary Academy later on.
These core experiences opened my eyes to many unaddressed issues and made me put into question the different forms of foreign support that Tunisia has been offered, especially after its famous revolution of 2011. Consequently, my graduation research project was over the “Foreign Support of the Tunisian Parliament”. Through this study, my main aim was assessing the extent to which foreign contributions might affect Tunisian Politics while deciphering the possible cons behind this support to the newly-born Tunisian Democracy in its early transitional phase.


I’ve received a BA in Anthropology, religions and oriental civilizations with a research focused on abandoned cities and dynamics of migration processes, and a MA in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology from the University of Bologna after a fieldwork in cooperation with the Ethnographic Museum of Romagna. I’ve always been interested in Cultural Heritage and my studies at University have increased my interest in the link between heritage, historical memory and contemporary identity.
My current job as professor of Italian Language to foreign students and the Advanced Training Course on migration that I attendend at the University of Bologna, have focused my attention on the consequences people movements have on territory and confirmed my concept of museums as perfect sites for intercultural educations, shared cultural production and experimental practice of representation. My research interests primarily lie in the multifaceted aspects of displacement and migration with a special focus on objects as biographies and witnesses of life. They also include an interdisciplinary approach to migration studies through anthropological theoretical frameworks as the deconstruction of Western epistemologies and pratice; the application of post and neo-colonial theories to the study of pedagogy and social justice issues; the distinctive value of the anthropological perspectives applied to the field of heritage.


I’m Edoardo Occa, born in 1975 in Milan, Italy. By background , I got a degree in Theoretical Philisophy and after that I turned to Anthropology and I got a Master in Applied Anthropology and then again I studied Medical Anthropology.
In 2004 I married Laura and we started working with NGOs in Tanzania and Central African Republic. In 2008 was born Erasmo, our first wonderful boy. In 2010 we went back to Tanzania (in Iringa region) working for Doctors with Africa CUAMM, leading Italian NGO for health cooperation…and we are still living there (In the meantime, I conducted field research in Ethiopia and Sudan as well). In 2011 Catherine Maria arrived, our second wonderful girl.
I deal with Community Health and Health System Strengthening, moving from hundreds of villages in the savannah up to policy making roundtables at ministry level with international donors and others stakeholders Since 2014 I coordinate the projects supported by UNICEF and DFID, working on Nutrition, Maternal and Newborn Health, Infectious diseases.
After some years in Africa, I decided it was time to go back to my beloved Anthropology, and that is why I am at my first year of PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology at Universita’ of Milano Bicocca.  My research is based on understanding cultural barriers and social structures leading to such high rates of malnutrition among children, in an area that export foods in other regions of Tanzania and abroad as well.


I am a Phd Candidate in Cultural and Social Anthropology at University of Milan-Bicocca.  I am working on a research project, supervised by professor Ivan Bargna, about visual arts and cultural politics in urban and postcolonial Morocco (especially in the city of Marrakech).
Before enrolling in the Phd programme, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology from University of Siena and a Master’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology from University of Genova with a thesis titled “The Spirit of Essaouira: Art, Heritage and Tourism in the Gnawa City”. I also received a joint Master’s degree in Sociology and Critical Criminology from University of Padua and Bologna with the thesis “Borders, Control, Conflict: Towards a Critical Criminology of Global Mobility. Notes from Europe’s frontera sur”.
My research interests include: Maghrib and West Africa, urban and border studies, anthropology of art, heritage and museums, anthropology of mobilities (tourism, diaspora, migration), race and ethnicity, critical theory.


I studied Literature at La Sapienza University of Rome, where I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree with a dissertation on second generation Italian women writers and a Master’s Degree with a thesis on contemporary African-American and African-Caribbean women’s travel writing. After graduation, I participated in different Erasmus + projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Spain, and worked for an NGO on a northern Malaysian island. In September 2017 I decided to enrol in a PhD programme at the University of Hong Kong, where I am currently studying different artistic expressions that revolve around the contemporary Mediterranean space.


I am Rimaz Bitrou, Libyan. I was born in Libya 18 years ago and I moved to Malta island 9 years ago and still planning to stay here until I get my degree or more. One of the reasons I love living in Malta is that the people are really friendly and you really feel like you are home .
I am a University of Malta Foundation student. I have joined "Spark15" organization a year ago and been trying to be as active as possible in the NGO field.
It's an honor to join you guys in this course, can't wait !


Rodolfo Delgado is teaching at the University of Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. He is presently finishing his doctoral degree in Business Administration from Anaheim University, California, U.S.A. He is a holder of a Master degree in Business Administration from Anaheim University (2008), a Master of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Tsukuba (1999), and Bachelor degree in Advertising from Latina University of Costa Rica (1995). His present research interests are teaching English for Specific Purposes, specialty topics related to business, intercultural communication, tourism, and the environment. He is also interested in cross-cultural communication, international education, education policy and critical thinking.


I’m Loris Coldebella born in Gallarate 46 years ago, graduated in Political Science at Statale University in 2000 with a final work about Rwanda ethnic conflit. Then I took a bachelor’s degree in law in Milano Bicocca University. Now I am finishing my degree in  antropological sciences in Milano Bicocca. I’m working as administrative director in a superior school in Gallarate, (VA). I’m very interesting in this summer school as I am looking for high level ideas concerning migratory flows and the reception in order to improve the planning in terms of interculture within my professional path. I learned about the topics that will be discussed during the presentation of the Bicocca course and I hope to acquire practical and theoretical tools that can foster an effective relationship within the contemporary school system.


Hi! I'm Angela Maria Rachele Ferretti, I'm a master student in Anthropology in Turin's university and a public servant in Turin's registration office. In 2007 I got a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures (Romanian and English) in Turin's university curriculum for teaching Italian as a second language and in 2018 I got a bachelor degree in Intercultural Communication with a thesis about Pakistani migration in Turin. I'm an active member of Pakistani association in Turin and with them I'm developing a project named "Gharana" dedicated to promote integration Pakistani families and especially ladies in Italian society.